Special Services

Special Services

Making sure packaging, shipping and preparation are correct when it has to be right.

In addition to our standard services, Valour Alloys Inc. offers a number of special services to accommodate specific needs and requirements. If you have any questions about the services here, please contact us.

Material Preparation

Sometimes critical materials require special preparation to meet specific needs and standards. We can help.

  •  Cutting: Saw and mechanical, flame and miter
  •  Blasting
  •  Coating/Wrapping
  •  End capping
  •  Galvanizing
  •  Machine and roller grooving
  •  Custom bending
  •  Mechanical cleaning
  •  Special packaging
  •  Export preparation
  •  Honing
  •  Machine threading
  •  Machine beveling
  •  Heat treating
  •  Deburring
  •  Color coding and painting


Valour Alloys Inc. has experience packaging critical materials for a variety of requirements and conditions.

  •  Special/Export packaging
  •  Boxing, crating and palletizing for domestic and export orders
  •  Specialized military specification packaging and preservation
  •  Shrink wrap
  •  Custom packaging [Contact us]


Getting your pipe, tubing, fittings, flanges and related products where you need them across the world.

  •  Same day shipping
  •  Air freight – domestic & international
  •  Common carriers [LTL, TL or Dedicated Service]
  •  Ocean freight [CL, LCL]
  •  Valour Alloys Inc. contracted deliveries
  •  Custom Valour Alloys Inc. Fast Ship program [Contact us]