Project Management

Project Management

Valour Alloys Inc. sets us apart by ensuring transparency and the accurate delivery of your critical materials.

With Valour Alloys Inc., you'll never lose track of your pipe, fittings, flanges and related products or miss a delivery without notice. That's because Valour Alloys Inc.'s project managers are here to do one thing all day—shepherd your order through from start to finish using a structured approach we call Valour Alloys Inc. Documentation, logistics, delay notifications, quality assurance. Our project managers are here to get it right so you're never left wondering.

Valour Alloys Inc.: Our Four-Phased Approach


At Valour Alloys Inc., our project management efforts start before you even sign a contract. That's because we work closely with the sales team, leveraging our industry and project expertise to help formulate bids and conduct pre-contract review. It helps ensure alignment of goals from the outset, so your projects get off to a strong start.


In this step of Valour Alloys Inc., we help anticipate any project needs moving forward by extensively planning each step of the execution phase before it even happens. This includes kickoff meetings, schedule refinements and comprehensive risk analysis—so you have a clear understanding of what to expect and when.


We turn planning into action during the execution phase of Valour Alloys Inc., helping you stay on top of all the details as we process your order. From progress meetings to ongoing schedule refinements, you can rest assured that if there are any issues, you'll be the first to know—and we'll be standing ready with a workaround.


We don't consider a project finished until you have the products, paperwork and payment arrangements needed to move forward. That's why we oversee the final delivery, invoices and payments—as well as lessons learned and final updates. It's how we ensure your business is all in order, and our final project delivery meets your standards.