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Eddy Current Testing Inspection

Eddy current testing a modern Non-destructive testing – NDT method that has become one of the prime tool for quality control of products, materials and structures at various stages of manufacturing and in-service inspections. Eddy current inspection can be used to find finest surface and subsurface flaws in any conductive material. Spectrums of quality control engineering applications are existing applying Eddy current principles. Present Eddy current NDT method has applications in Aerospace Component Inspections, Heat exchanger tube inspections and other critical engineering applications.

Eddy current testing and the principles can be used for the following engineering applications:

  • Material sorting – mix up of various grade of materials either chemically different or variation in mechanical properties or metallurgically difference in structures can sorted using Eddy current testing equipment's.
  • Surface and subsurface flaw detection in conducting materials. Flaws could be cracks, laminations, and other discontinuities that can be detrimental to the product performance.
  • Conductivity testing for metals.
  • Accurate measurement of Coating thickness with Eddy current testing. The coating can be conductive or non-conductive with few limitations on the accuracy of the measurements.
  • This NDT inspection method can also be used for thickness testing and measurement of especially low thicknesses of conductive materials where there is a restriction on using Ultrasonic thickness gauging due to component configuration or the quantum of inspection. Eddy current inspections can be either contact or non-contact type tests.
  • Eddy current testing is an effective means of verification of integrity of structures and estimation of corrosion damages for heat exchanger tubes. Routine in-service maintenance inspections using Eddy current techniques yield reliable data for analysis and condition monitoring of plants and structures.

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